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To Do List Bug 6.3e

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Ok, my wife has a season pass for General Hospital. Friday's episode is scheduled NOT to record. When you go into the recording history, it says it is because "someone in your household modified the Season Pass." Here's where it gets weird. If you then hit "More recording options," it says "Check 7 DC7 in channels you receive or call 1-800-Directv to order" and does not give you the option to set it to record.

Of course I went to Channels I Receive and it is checked. I unchecked and then rechecked it, no change. I then did a restart, no change.

The odd thing is that other shows on DC7 are scheduled to record, including Monday's General Hosptial.

Another show is also affected, The Closer on TNT on Monday night.

Anyone seen this? Any thoughts on whether it will clear up on its own?
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What channel were you trying to record?
JimSpence said:
What channel were you trying to record?
WJLA DC7 in Washington, DC
I had to add 2 new season passes.
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