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To be announced

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I'm seeing a lot of to be announced and title not available in the guide lately. Today it's showtime and the food network usa TNT type channels. There are some channels like IFC showing program blocks with no titles and a NEW icon. I forced a new connection that was successful last night but nothing changed. If anything I lost more guide. Anyone else seeing this? Looking ahead after 8:00 PM everything is normal but the previous 36 hours were a mystery. I'm on FiOS in NJ using a Romio plus running 20.7.4b.RC3
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The amount of TBA and TNA after 8 days has grown a lot lately. As long as the current week is filled in I can live with the junk at the end. I've sent lineup forms in, but I doubt anything is getting fixed. To see a major failure, check MSNBC on the second Saturday. It's been like that for a month.
This is what I'm dealing with today. What do you want to watch?


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I forced four connections in a row yesterday, and after the fourth one loaded the data, most if not all of the missing info was filled in.
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