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Just had this problem. Installed TWP 1.2.1 (renamed my 1.0 directory to tivowebplus-old, just in case, and did a 'restart' from the prompt). Came back
up, and this was my log:

bash-2.02# cat /var/log/tivoweb.log
TmkLogger: <134>Mar 8 15:57:46 tcl[365]: Tcl created pool of 2916352 bytes
TivoWebPlus Project - v1.2.1
The program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
This program is licensed under the GPL.
See the 'copyright' and 'README' files for copyright and credit information.
No EventSwitcher active
while executing
"dbopen $dbPoolSize"
(file "./httpd-tt.tcl" line 640)

Did another restart, and, um, it appears that my old 1.9.4 is running. Eep. :)

Sigh. I just wanna back up my Season Passes before I run thru guided setup again, disconnect my digital cable box, and make sure the wife gets her soap opera in 2 hours. (I started an hour ago).

So, move directories around, rather than remounting / as r/w and fixing my startup script, make a ln link, and restart again.

While waiting for the reboot, I find, doh, I could have just installed the Backup script into 1.9.4...more Le Sigh.

Everything works fine after a reboot. I think I might have confused things by trying to run two TivoWeb*s on the same port.

Thank you. :) (Yes, I would have rebooted....eventually....probably AFTER the soap opera)....
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