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A couple of people have recently needed to do things in TiVoWeb that aren't available via the standard menus (reboot the tivo, add a channel to 'channels you receive'). I figured that the web remote could be used to do either of these, and anything else that you could do if you were home armed only with your tivo remote.

The problem of course is that over tivoweb you're operating blindly. You're pressing keys and seeing no visual feedback. That's why I recorded the keysequences so it's possible to do this armed with this sequence of keys.

Sometimes when you press a key though (like the tivo button), it can depend on what state the machine is currently in, what will happen.

For example if you're playing a recording that's paused, or watching live TV, then the tivo button takes you to tivo central, which is good. But if you're already at tivo central, then pressing it takes you to Now Playing. Similarly, if you enter a menu sub-level, rather than it always entering that menu at the top of the list, it will usually enter at the same menu item you previously selected.

To work around these issues I added a keypress that guarantees you know where you are. For example, for the tivo button, I pressed livetv first. For the menus, I select surfup (channel page up) to ensure we're at the top or surfdown to ensure we're at the bottom.

Maybe if more key sequences are needed we can expand this thread with them.

Yes I know you can build a URL that will press keys in sequence with for example /livetv/tivo/surfdown/up/left/shake/it/all/about but they don't work for reboot at least. The sequence stops at the thumbsdown authorisation part. It doesn't want to accept the sequence that quickly. Not sure about the channel change one, but this is anyway I think a useful message to have posted.

Key sequence for a reboot:

livetv (so you know that the next button takes you to the tivo menu)
surfdown (the page down button)
select (selecting Messages & setup)
surfdown (to get to bottom of menu list)
up (to highlight System Reset)
surfup (to ensure at top of menu list)
select (selecting "restart the recorder")

Key sequence to toggle whether channel 286 is in your "Channels you receive" (I say toggle because each time you perform the sequence you change whether you receive it or not):

livetv (doing this first ensures next tivo press takes you to tivo central)
surfdown (channel page down to get to bottom of menu)
select (selecting "messages & setup")
surfup (to ensure we're at top of menu list)
down (to highlight "My Preferences")
surfup (to ensure we're at top of menu list)
down (to highlight "Customise Channels")
surfup (to ensure we're at top of menu list)
select (to choose CYR)
num6 (to select more4+1 on sky ... wait a few seconds to ensure channel selected)
select (to change whether or not you receive that channel
right (takes you back to CYR or FC menu) ... all done !!, livetv now to quit
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