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TivoToGo - Tivo HD/Tivo Series3 questions

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Hello everyone! I am longtime browser to these forums! I have been itching to get an HD DVR/PVR of some sort (with CableCard capabilities). I currently have my own HTPC that does standard analog recordings (through Snapstream's BeyondTV) which I am extremely happy with for that purpose. But that software and pretty much any PC based PVR app is severely lacking when it comes to using a CableCard. The only option PC wise is to buy a fairly expensive PC (cheapest one is an HP 8010y if I'm not mistaken and that's only one CableCard tuner for about $1,000 with a coupon!), not to mention I've heard it's really buggy too.

So with all that said my attention has turned to Tivo. First off I like that Tivo Series3 has the ability to add your own eSATA drive. From what I've read in the forums that should be something implemented into Tivo HD soon.

The main question I have though is that when TivoToGo does come out for Tivo HD/Tivo Series 3, will the original .tivo file that comes over be in it's original FULL HD glory (whether it's 1080i, 720p, etc.)? Since this hasn't even come out yet I'm sure that this question can't even be properly answered I'm sure. But you can't fault someone for trying! ;)

Thanks in advance everyone! :cool:
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If it does finally support Tivo2Go, it would almost certainly be in it's original format, as the Tivo's CPU would be WAAAAAAY too slow to do a conversion.

I really, really hope they allow Tivo2Go for at least some content (like stuff NOT recorded through a cablecard or something), as I'm not buying one until it can do Tivo2go, and aside from this issue it seems like the best HD recording solution out there. Even the tech sites after reviewing the cablecard Media Center PCs are like...just get a Tivo. (I think several reviews I've heard had days trying to get it to work with people from Dell, the cable company, Microsoft, ATi, etc. all on site trying to get it to work, often without success :eek: )
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