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TivoToGo Conversion - Which is best for iPod?

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I know it gives options for mpeg-4 and h.264 and both work fine playing back on my iPod, but I would like the best format possible when playing back a show on my iPod connected to a TV with the iPod video cable (say a 42" TV). Is one better than the other or are they the same? Thanks!
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The problem in your question is the 42" tv. All of the transcoding assumes that you want to watch on a small screen and want small file sizes for the ipod. Don't expect great video
Should I use a different converter then for the .tivo files? For example, when I have purchased movies from iTunes, it must be in a higher res because I can play it on my iPod, but it also looks much better on my TV.
How long does the conversion take for say and hour long tv show?
Why can't desktop plus also give you an option to increase the resolution of the .tivo file when it is converted for the iPod? Wouldn't that be a nice option to select for "iPod" or "iPod with video out" or something?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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