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Tivo's don't see each other

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Has anyone had this problem? Tivo 1 and Tivo 2 are on the same network. I can see them both on my pc but they do not see each other. They are connected to the home network by a Netgear Powerline (ethernet). Thank you for any help.
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Have you tried rebooting them both?

Also, check the Advanced Troubleshooting screen (it's under Troubleshooting, Transfers, then press Enter). You should be able to see both TiVos there.
Thanks, for your help. Yes, I've rebooted both tivo's. Navigating from Messages and Settings, Troubleshooting, Transfers, Enter, I only get instructions which have all been confirmed.
On that "instructions" screen you should be able to press Enter again to get to the Advanced Troubleshooting screen. It'll show you all the TiVos on the network, their TSNs, and whether transfers are enabled.
Found the Advanced troubleshooting screen. I can see that the software versions are different for each Tivo and also the Model.
Here's the info

On Tivo1
Tivo1* 1. Service #"........"
2. Local Host
DVR name: tivo1
Model: series 2
software version: 8.3-01-2-130

Tivo 2 1. service#"......"
2. no host information available
DVR name: tivo2

On Tivo 2
Tivo 1 1. service#"......"
2. no host information available
DVR name: tivo1
Tivo2* 1. Service #"........"
2. Local Host
DVR name: tivo2
Model: Gen04
software version: 8.3-01-2-540

Thanks for any help.
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Tivo 1
Linksys EtherFast 10/100 Compact USB Network Adaptor Modle no.: USB100m

Netgear USB 2.0 Fast Ethernet Adaptor 10/100 Mbps Model FA120
Ok, so they're wired ... are they both on the same subnet? What is the IP address of each box (and your PC)?
Yes, same subnet.


Tivo 1



Wireless Access Point


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Weird ... everything you're describing seems like it should be fine. You've tried rebooting both boxes, I assume?

Maybe it's something with the powerline ethernet?
Are both TiVo’s on the same billing account? The TiVo’s must have the same Media Access Key (MAK) to see each other. To have the same MAK they need to be on the same TiVo account.

Do you have both TiVo’s enabled for transfers on TiVo.com under DVR preferences?
Yes, I've rebooted both boxes a few times.

BTW I had to add a hub so that I could include the slingbox on Tivo 2. So I've got the Tivo box and the slingbox going into that and from there to the Powerline plug.
Yes to all these questions. It's a real mystery this one!
I suspect the hub is your problem. Maybe you have a bad hub. Try a different port on the hub. Try a different cable. Make sure you're using a straight cable and not a crossover cable. Try by-passing the hub, plug the Tivo directly into the powerline and see if that works.
Did they see each other at some point and now don't or have they never seen each other? If your router supports DNS pass-thru, I would set the DNS on your TiVos to your routers IP (

Reboot everything, TiVos and network router/adapters.

See this post:
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