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tivos deleting shows

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Please read below & see if anyone can help me! I'm desperate! It starts at the bottom.

We really don't know - we just haven't seen this type of problem before. You may need to call TiVo directly.

Ok. But how do I fix it?

Then I just don't think we can explain what happened. Sorry.

No, all the new shows are set to keep all of them. It's not any settings that I have. I'm the tivo queen!

Is it possible that you have the Season Passes set to keep at most 5 episodes, so it's forced to delete some?

It's mostly saying "not recorded" when I have watched some of them & know they were recorded. And it's showing the ones I "deleted" after I watched them.

you have to scroll back to see what happened in the past.

It doesn't. It just lists what's coming up.

On Tue, 14 Aug 2007 10:23:51 -0500
Go into "Pick Programs to Record," "To Do List" and then
"View Recording History"--what is the reason that it gives for deleting those shows?

I have 1 SIRS4040R & 2 SIRS4120R's, not HDTV. I've had them for about a year & 1/2. About a month ago they started deleting
everything except for about 2 months worth. I had stuff dating back for at least a year. I have all my shows on "do not delete until I tell it to". I have my season passes all prioritized & I delete things I know I won't have time to watch. The deleting I just started to see if it would help. Previously I've never had any problem with losing anything at all, regardless of my season passes, time frames etc. Just yesterday one of them deleted everything until 7/1. I'm losing valuable stuff & it's getting worse every day. I'm really mad. What do I do to fix the problem?
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is the drive full? if it is full it will start deleting items to make room for the next show to be recorded
If you have everything set to "Keep Until I Delete", I'm surprised anything is getting recorded after the drive is full. Have you gotten any messages about not being able to record because the disk is full? You really need to check the recording settings for every recorded show and every SP.

And why did you post this in reverse order. I had to go through it a couple of times to see what was happening.
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