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TivoRemote for Windows Phone

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I recently released TivoRemote for Windows Phone onto the Windows Phone Mango marketplace. It is free and has no ads. You can see some screenshots from it here, http://www.tivoremotewp.com/ . I used it as a reason to learn Windows Phone programming.

Currently it supports:
  • Configuring multiple Tivos
  • Basic remote control functions
  • Keyboard input
  • Dedicated number pad input screen

I had to nix the auto searching of tivo's on the current network due to WP7 being really slow on scanning and not supporting zeroconf or udp listeners.

I'm also working on trying to use the new APIs introduced for the iPad app to extend tivoremote to be more than just a remote control. Though I have a feeling by the time I get done with that Tivo may have an official one out.

Note there is one issue I've been having since 14.8 came out, sometimes the Tivo just does not respond over the port. I've added in a timer system to try and break it out of being stuck but it sometimes still happens. I'll be doing an update in the next few weeks to make this more stable
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As soon as AT&T updates my phone, I'll definitely check this out assuming it works with an S3.

I would also be very interested if you can add the functionality of TivoMote to this app (Displaying NPL, Scheduled Recordings and Search and record) as I don't believe TivoMote supports multiple TiVo's which you do.

Phone was finally updated and I downloaded your app and in my 10 minute test with my 2 Series3 TiVo's it worked great!

You might ask Microsoft why when I search for tivo your app does not show up but TivoMote does. I had to type tivor or tivoremote to find yours.

Strange.. even though I'm subscribed to this thread I was never notified there were responses.

I'd like to add being able to the NPL and some of the other options. This is why the MAK key entry is there in the tivo configuration. I've been looking into using the new interface they introduced with the iPad app. Since the existing ways to accomplish things like auto navigating the NPL are quite ugly.

I did just release 1.1 which fixes some of the stability issues. I was using MS's example asynchronous sockets client for the communication and it had some issues. At times it wouldn't even acknowledge there was a response from the Tivo.

I do have 1.2 coming down the pipe which lets you pin each configured tivo to the start menu to launch the app quickly for that tivo. I'll be submitting it to the marketplace this week, hopefully it will be out next week.
May I know where do you get the API for this app? As far as i know tivo didn't release the api for window phone.
We're hackers in here, we don't need no APIs.


But as you'll see toward the end of that thread, TiVo did eventually publish documentation on the protocol. (No, still not an API. Seriously, this is way too simple to need that.) Official docs:


However, there's more information in the thread than in the PDF.
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