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TivoNetRemote WP7 App

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Using the information from this forum, I was able to write an app for the Windows Phone 7 (Mango version which supports sockets) to remotely control your TiVo using your home network (not infrared).

Details on the app development are at my blog.

Gary Davis
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Just got the update earlier this week so I'll check it out. Did you see this post as well?


Yes, I noticed his app shortly after I submitted mine for certification. We have been corresponding about techniques used. His app, TivoRemote, is very similar to mine.


Does your app support more than 1 TiVo and are you looking at adding any functionality that's in TivoMote?

Yes, the app supports multiple TiVos and you enter a name to identify each. I just posted a YouTube walkthru showing how to use it. It's at http://garz.me/tivonetremotevid

I do plan to add additional enhancements.

Also, from your phone, you can go to http://m.tivo.com for some useful things to do like schedule recordings. I will add that url to my References page in the app.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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