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Yep, it works pretty good with a Voom box. The only issue is that you can't just tell the Tiv o software that you are going to use OTA and set top box. So, you have to say you have Directv or some other method to get the option for controlling a set top box. And the problem wit that is that you end up having to delete a buch of channels that you do not get.

I wish Tivo would have an option to use OTA and a set top box.

Chester_Lampwick said:
I don't know, I was speculating. What I do know is that the Voom solution Shawn95GT illustrates in that last post from stevereis does work. For the $50 or less that you can get one on eBay, I think that's the way to go. It's a Motorola/General Instuments box so the IR code definately exist in the TiVo software.

BTW Humax makes a HD OTA receiver too.

Try this link or Google ATSC set top receivers....
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