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So Im sure someone has already started this, or someone can help. I tried searching and didnt find anything similar that assisted me, so here we go.

Just got my TivoHD, worked fine for...5 minutes? after setup. Then my picture froze, but the UI was still useable, i just got the old "no signal on cable line in"

so...i changed the channels...nothing
checked my connections, they're fine
reset my box...and it worked! Then...five minutes later, same thing

so I got tired of resetting my box for 5 minutes of shows.

im running the tivo on standard coaxial cable running from the wall, the cable IS hooked up to an amplifier and has to be if I want any decent picture.

Im renting my room and dont feel like sharing my tivo so moving it to another tv in the house away from the amp (if it is the amp) isnt an option. ANy help would be appreciated!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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