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TivoHD stuck at Welcome

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I have a TivoHD Model:TCD652160 with Lifetime Service that suddenly rebooted and now I only get the Welcome, Powering Up screen. Is this a power supply or hard drive, and how can I determine that? Thanks!!
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If the original capacitors have never been replaced, it's almost certainly the capacitors. You an replace the visually bulging ones or, better, replace the whole set. If you search here on TCF you will find part numbers.

Once you've fixed the capacitors you *may* find that the malfunctioning capacitors have resulted in hard drive damage. But deal with the capacitors first.
Thanks! I research that and proceed.
In the case the hard drive is faulty.
A clean tivo image will be needed to make it work.
Thanks Teeps. I will be ordering the correct capacitors this week and see if I can repair that power supply. It is the original p/s and has never had the capacitors replaced. One is slightly misshaped so it may be the culprit. If that it not the case, I'll purchase an appropriate hard drive and hunt down an image. Appreciate the help!
Just post a request in this thread: Tivo Series 3 HD - 652160 - HD Image
Include the TCD number and one of several people here will send you a link to download the image.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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