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TiVoHD still running 8.1

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I really need to be able to do MRV on my new TiVoHD. I called TiVo support to find out how to push my version up so that they are all running the latest software. I am told that is the only way I can get MRV to work. Any ideas on how to get an update faster? I know there are issues with 9.1, but I really need the ability to view shows off of my PC and from other TiVo's in the house.
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It wouldn't matter if you got 9.1 on TiVoHD today as MRV won't be enabled on the Series 3 and HD until November.
When I called TiVo, they said it would work. I just wouldn't be able to drag over shows that had been recorded in HD to a non HD TiVo. Figured they would lie to me! :(
I'm guessing that the CSR didn't realize that you were talking about a TiVoHD.

On the other hand, I did get my info direct from TiVoJerry...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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