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TivoHD Loses Channels

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I have had my TivoHD for a month now and this has been a problem since i got my cable cards installed.

My tivo starts to lose channels after 30 minutes or so and I have to restart to get them back. If i am lucky they come back if not then i lose them for a few restarts. Also i am getting some channels on the wrong channel and without sound.

I have checked pairing and all the other troubleshooting things found on this website with no luck. I have a signal strength of 95+ and have had the cable company try to improve it as best they could, but being at 100 most of the time i would not imagine this is the problem. I have had 2 single stream cards and 2 M Cards all with no luck I would call up the cable company and have them try to add different cards but have no faith that the card is the problem.

Some other strange things that have happened. Sometimes when i am at the Tivo central page the background which is normally blue or purple or whatever will show up as video. The video will freeze at times or become real choppy.

I am at my wits end and am about to just order a cable box and live with what i bought the tivo to fix. When i call tivo they say it's a cable card problem, but how can 4 different cards which 2 are brand new M cards all have this same problem.

If anyone has any way to fix this or knows who to contact at tivo about this problem without jsut getting the "We would like you to replace your cable cards" response it would be greatly appreciated.

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