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Does not happen all of the time, just about 1 or 2 times a week. When Tivo HD crashes, yellow remote indicator light does not flash nor can I ping the tivo. Hapens when trying to tune into a channel. I am using only OTA no cable cards. Specs are as follows

9.1 Software
HDMI Native Mode
Weaknees 1TB Drive
Signal 95+

Please help

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I thought I would wake this up since its happening to me.

When I'm flipping through channels, just surfing to see what comes up at the description at the top of the screen but too fast for any picture to ever show up, I'll get through around 10 or 15 channels and all of a sudden my TivoHD will reboot. I've found that if I stop about every 5 or 6 channels or so and just let the video come through for about a second then I can continue on for another 5 or 6 channels, and so on without a reboot happening.

Is this happening to anyone else? Should I just slow down or is it possible I have a bad box? Its embarrassing to admit I now have the opening video sequence memorized (Rock Hudson, CSI and all).
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