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TiVoHD CableCARD Slot 2 not working right

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So after 4 long days of working with TWC NYC, my series 3 and new TiVoHD now have functioning CableCARDS in them....well all of them function except for which ever card is in slot 2 of the the new TiVo HD. This card seems to not be able to de-scramble the image. The picture coming through is incredibly pixilated and scrambled. I would think this was a cable card issue except when you swap the functioning card from slot 1 and place it into slot 2, it also doesn't work. Therefore this seems to be a problem only with slot 2.
When the techs were here today (3 guys actually...a foreman and two IT guys) one of them mentioned that he did an install on a TiVoHD a few days ago for someone from CNBC who was reporting on the new TiVoHD. They could not get the card in the second slot to function correctly either. They also tried swapping the cards in slot 1 and slot 2 and the problem continued to persist with slot 2.
Does anyone have any idea what is going on or how to resolve this issue since it definitely does not seem like a cableCARD or TWC issue.

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Software update will fix this, force a connect and reboot.
doing it right now....thanks!
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