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TivoHD audio feature or problem?

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I have my Tivo HD connected to my projector via a hdmi to DVI adapter. Audio goes to my receiver via optical cable. I notice that when I switch the input on the projector from DVI to component (for the x-box or dvd player) the audio output of the tivo stops, even though I have not yet changed the input on the receiver. When I switch back to the dvi input on the projector the audio returns.

This is very convenient and I like it but I'm not sure its supposed to do that. I would think the digital audio output from the tivo would continue no matter what the projector was seeing.
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That is strange. I have hdmi to tv (speakers muted) and optical to receiver. When I switch tv inputs the audio remains on thru the optical until I switch AV input. I wonder if it has to do with the dvi conversion (doesn't sound reasonable) or if the projector is sending back an inactive staus signal.
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