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TivoDotNet won't refresh folders

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Folders won't refresh since the fall update. Reboot of tivo is required to refresh folders.

Tried all the tricks. running the 0.9.1a version of Tivo.net. Since the tivodotnet thread is 57 pages long, starting this one

=== Getting below errors====
The specified network name is no longer available - at System.Net.HttpResponseStream.Dispose(Boolean disposing) at System.IO.Stream.Close() at System.IO.StreamWriter.Dispose(Boolean disposing) at System.IO.StreamWriter.Close() at TiVoDotNetBase.TivoDotNet.QueryContainer(String container, Hashtable htParams, HttpListenerContext con) at TiVoDotNetBase.TivoDotNet.ContextCallback(IAsyncResult ar)

Running on Dual Core E6600 with 4gigs ram XpS2p

Is TivoDotNet development "dead"? The forums don't work over at their home page.
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yas said:
See the discussion in the "Subfolders..." thread at:
Nope, none of that fixes the problem. I had to install tivoDesktop 2.5 on another PC and browse that tivo server to clear out my problems.

Now, tivo 2.5 desktop won't show in my "now playing files". I can see my photo's and my music, so I know the tivo can see the server. Tivo reboots don't help.

Seems that the damn fall update has broken something. Have the problem on both of my S2's. No issues before this stupid fall update that doesn't do anything but update swivel search with AND/OR search ability.

Thanks Tivo

jdmatl said:
Is TivoDotNet development "dead"? The forums don't work over at their home page.
It's pretty much dead ... the original developer hasn't been heard from in a few months and like you saw, the forums and web site are deteriorating.

You might want to check out pyTiVo ...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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