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TivoCast from your PC to TivoHD?

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I've just got a TivoHD and am liking some of the features, but wish they would do more. I had to decide between the TivoHD and a media server, and reluctantly went with TivoHD. I was pleasantly surprised to see the feature called TivoCast, and wondered if I could somehow connect it to my home network to download my own high def home movies to the TivoHD.

These are fairly large MPEG2 files that should transfer over a local network in a few hours, but are too large to ship up to the Internet and then download to the Tivo box. They range from 10-20 GB in size.

Right now I'm creating HD DVDs and playing them in a HD DVD player. Using something like TivoCast would be a big improvement. I'm thinking it would be posssible to create your own archive location on your network and just select 'shows' to load to your Tivo. More or less like you do now with DL.TV TivoCasts and such.

Is something like this even possible? It seems like it should be.
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TiVoCast is something completely different than what you are talking about.

What you are talking about is Tivo To Go (TTG) which which allows people to transfer recordings to a PC and transfer recordings from a PC to a Tivo. Sending your own videos to your tivo via your home network requires the video to be in the proper Tivo format and requires you to download/install Tivodesktop to do the transfers. The problem you'll find is that the HD Tivos do not currently have the option to use this feature.
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