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You mean I have to have someone come in and put in the rj45? I can't do that myself?

Go to Radio Shack, Best Buy or Circut City and purchase a Linksys wireless router, WRT54G, get some cat 5 or cat 6 cable (ethernet cable) only goes in one way just like a phone line. Connect your dsl or cable modem to the router, then connect your computer to router. If you're running windows XP should be fairly easy (Network Magic $29.95 works great) and Linksys has good tech support. Remember you need to power off your computer.

Get yourself the TiVo usb ant. I know they have them at Best Buy, $59.95. Plug into your TiVo and restart the TiVo. If all is right your TiVo will see the network/broadband.

Once your computer and router are setup, if you want make sure your tivo is set-up for down loading and if you want, tivo to go. You set this up on tivo's website.

This is all off the top of my head, but I had to redo mine and got it all working, and all 3 of my computers and two of my TiVo's are wireless, only thing plugged into my router is my cable modem and one TiVo. Also TiVo has tech support for networking.

Good luck.
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