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Tivo with Cable Company DVR

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My cable company provides a cable box with DVR for HDTV. Only capable of 12-20 hours of HD Programming. Is there a way to connect my TIVO in line with this DVR so I can record on my TIVO AND the DVR, or must I choose 1?
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You can't connect them in line because the cable DVR will dominate the TiVo DVR and you'll probably get plenty of incorrect recordings. The only option would be to connect them separately (split cable to cable DVR and TiVo) and connect both of them to the TV. You'll only be able to record the standard cable channels (the ones you get without the box) on the TiVo, though.
Assuming you have a Series 2 TiVo, you could always get the TiVo HD/S3, then get rid of the cable co. DVR and replace it with CableCards for the TiVo...

CableCards should be cheaper than renting the cable co.'s DVR, and you'll get to enjoy HD thru the TiVo interface.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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