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I'll try to make this short. I needed to go from WEP to WPA for non-Tivo reasons. I bought a Tivo Wireless G adapter, but when I would go to "Change Network Settings", I would get a message that my Tivo could not see a wireless adapter connected and to check the USB connections. I returned it to Best Buy and got another. Spent two hours on the phone with Tivo Support (what the girl lacked in knowledge (a lot) she made up for with a condescending attitude) with no luck. They ended up telling me to run a 50' ethernet to force the connection and this would fix it (it didn't, but at least I got some new program data).

Here's the odd parts:
1) My router (DLink DIR 655) says in my syslogs that it has granted the adapter a DHCP addy. Odd because the Tivo Network setting screen shows "Not Connected" and doesn't even show the field for the IP Address where it usually resides. My laptop recognized the adapter when I plugged it in, but didn't know what to do with it. That kind of tells me the adapter works.
2) My old Linksys B adapter still works fine, but I cannot get past the screen where Tivo tells you that to use WEP thou must haveth the official Tivo adapter. That kind of tells me the USB ports work.
3) Ethernet works fine.
4) I tried starting setup with the B adapter and changing to the G in mid-stream, but it required manual input of the router settings only to tell me there was no valid Gateway.
5) The adapter power light works, but the connection lights never go on (not even blinking like when trying to grab a IP addy).
6) Tried both adapters in both USB ports; restarted the Tivo several times with and without the adapter connected.

Anybody ever have this? SW = Ver 8.3+

Cliff Notes: USB ports work for OP's Linksys B adapter but has not worked with two different Tivo G adapters.
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