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So, I've recently purchased a TivoHD after waiting endlessly for Comcast to load the Tivo SW in their boxes.

To my dismay, it's been nothing but disappointment. My biggest problem is with the wireless networking.

Preface: I've got a networking background....

My Tivo with the Tivo-branded Wireless adapter I've assigned a static address to it, and my TivoDesktop can communicate with it fine - for a while.... At some point, the Tivo stops responding over the wireless adapter to the TivoDesktop and you can no longer ping it. I do know the connection is fine because while I cannot ping the adapter (Once I realize I can't access TivoDesktop resources), I can do network connection tests and completely connect to Tivo's Servers for system updates. Even after these tests, the device is not pingable and the server cannot communicate with the Tivo until I unplug and replug the device. Of course I've tested to see if there is any difference between static and dynamic addressing, but there shouldn't be and of course there wasn't.

This may happen mid-operation to the TivoServer or arbitrarily - I have not pinpointed a sequence that always causes the wireless adapter to stop responding.

So, my question is - does anyone here have any PING/ARP problems with the Tivo Wireless adapter in the TivoHD after a period of time? I bought this TivoHD for 3 reasons:

1. My wife hated the Comcast interface and performance.
2. Use my TB of music from my PC on the home entertainment unit.
3. Easily use photos and videos from the PC.

So far...

1. Tivo is slower than expected (I'm disappointed at the speed of this Tivo vs. my old DirectTivo) and freezes too often. The lower quality SD picture on my HDTV in comparison to the Comcast box doesn't make either of us happy, and we've tried all resolution modes plus Native without success)
2. HMO is of no value if the server can't find the Tivo.
3. See #2.

I've only had this box for a few days, and unfortunately because of the desire for Tivo - I prepaid the membership. I will return this on Friday and get my membership back if I can't seem to resolve the issue.

Ideas? Anyone experience something similar?
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