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TiVo w/ Dish Network HD - Does it work?

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I am considering the purchase of a Tivo® (TIV648250B) Series3™ HD 300-Hr. Digital Media Recorder. I would need this to record from either a ViP222™ high-definition receiver or a ViP211 ™ high definition receiver bought through Dish Network.

I've been getting mixed answers from 'friends'.

Will this setup work?

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Series 3 w/ Sat's? nope, no Dish or D* with Series 3/TivoHD
No. Series 3 tivos cannot record from any kind of set-top box. They ARE the set-top box, but only for cablecard systems, not satellite. It would work only with cable and over-the-air.
You need a Series 2.
You need a Series 2.
OK, that's my problem.

I have an HDTV, a new Series 2 Dual Tuner, and Dish Network.

Is there anyway I can watch channels in HD whilst having the Tivo connected and doing its thing. I don't care if the Tivo is recording in HD.

I just want to be able to watch live TV in HD.

Is this possible?? Maybe with some sort of splitter?
Connect the HD set HD inputs to the HD out of the satellite reciver (either component+audio or HDMI).
Connect S-video+audio to the TiVo A/V in, same form TiVo to TV's SD input. IR blaster form TiVo to satellite receiver. Being as the receiver will tune one signal, you would have to choose between TiVo recording and HD.

IMO, get a separate SD saellite box just for the TiVo to control.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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