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Hello Tivo friends,

We just switched to digital cable (Comcast). We did not previously have a cable box and the installer did not set up everything to allow us to use the Tivo with the new cable box AND the VCR.
Can someone give me a step-by-step instructions for what-wire-goes-to-what to connect the cable box AND the Tivo AND the VCR all to the TV? I've searched on these forums but can't find any posting that includes the VCR too.

I really want to use primarily the Tivo for routine watching, and occasionally we do need to record with the VCR (i.e. if someone asks us to tape something for them versus our typical Tivo'ing for ourselves).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


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For us to tell you how to set things up, we'd first have to know what you want everything to do.

Were you hoping to use the VCR to record from the cable box? From the TiVo? Just play tapes and nothing more?

How many inputs does your TV have, and what are they?

We need more info.
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