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Should i cut holes in my wall and run Cat 5 cable?

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Like the title says:
I have a Tivo VOX Mini with 5G wifi adapter wont see Main box Roamio Plus- Tivo Tech says there is an outage! Estimitated 5-12 days for them to resolve?!?!!?

Yes i am on hydra- i actually like the interface, dont flame me!

Funny thing is that the tech said that the outage was affecting moca and ethernet as well, i told him it works fine over ethernet.

This happened when i first bought the device back in march with the sale , took 6 days for it to register, then worked for 3 weeks. No it wont on wifi and the bedroom has no ethernet running to it.

I noticed things stopped working 2 weeks ago when i had to swap out my netgear nighthawk router (dd-wrt) Router kept getting fubared so i reflashed back to Netgear firmware (V1.0.9.64_10.2.64).

I only have 1 other vox mini on the network but it is on the lan, so never had an issue. I may be cutting a hole in my wall up to my attic where i have an extra cat 5e run back to my router! Just really didnt want to do that right now (plus i paid for the wifi adapter), but happy wife happy life! she likes to fall asleep in bed watching Tiger king! :)
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