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TiVo transfers faultering... impossible to watch

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All of a sudden (last two days or so) our transfers from the bedroom unit to the livingroom unit are taking forever. :confused: You get a few minutes transfered and it starts playing and you watch for a matter of seconds and it pauses to download.
I suspect that I have a drive going in the bedroom unit :( because all night all I hear is drive activity... maybe updating I don't know but it's my first suspect. I don't know enough about TiVo technology yet to make a really educated guess.
Is there a "defrag" or something that I can run on that drive to maybe help this along somehow?


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Well, we need a little more info to be able to help you.

How are the TiVos connected to your home network? Wireless or wired? Are the TiVos directly connected to each other? If wireless, what is the signal strength? If low, try repositioning the antenna of the wireless USB adapter. Rebooting your router can also clear up a 'stuck' connection. Rebooting the TiVos can help, too.

Usually, a failing hard drive will show itself with choppy playback of shows, pixelating, and random reboots. Are your TiVos doing any of these things?

There is no defrag utility that works with TiVo. The closest thing is to do a Clear and Delete Everything, but that should only be used in drastic situations. The TiVo operating system and file system can handle defragmented files with ease. The disc thrashing you are hearing is probably the drive trying to do some house cleaning and parsing new guide information.

Hope that helps,
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