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I bought a second network adapter from TiVo when I bought our new Series 3 HD TiVo expecting to be able to transfer programs between our old Series 2 and our new Series 3. I finally got around to setting it up, and found no way for the two TiVos to communicate. A call to TiVo service tells me that due to HD copying paranoia that they haven' got permission to allow anything off the 3, but that I can send stuff from the 2 to the 3. Still no luck. I call again, and this time a new person says sorry, can't transfer to or from a Series 3. Got bad info on first call.

BTW, I never expected to transfer any HD programs, just the regular ones.

Any help on this anybody? Or have I just been had on the second network adapter.

Robin Huber
Yorba Linda, CA

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For now, you can't transfer video "in-house" at all on the Series 3 platform. You can use internet video available to TiVos, such as TiVocast and Unbox.
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