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OK, I'm cheap, I'll admit it - that and the fact that I want a little more control over the videos that I put on my iPod.

I'm looking for a way to transfer videos from my Tivo to my PC, edit the files (to remove commercials, etc) then get them on my iPod. I know about Tivo Desktop Plus, but 1, it ain't free, and 2, I don't want the entire program - I want to edit before it gets on the iPod.

As of now, I am getting the .tivo file on my pc with tivo desktop, using directshowdumputility to get a *normal* mpeg file, then editing that with Sony Vegas Movie Studio, which will output iPod compatible files. The problem is that I am discovering MAJOR audio/video sync problem with the completed video in *SOME* of the projects... that is what is getting me - it's just some of them, not all of them. Further, it looks like it's happening in the Vegas output - the file is good before and within Vegas, but the output file has the problem.

OK - if I think the problem is with Vegas, why am I asking here? That was just all background...

Has anyone got a way to do what I'm trying to do? I'd even be willing to go ahead with Tivo Desktop Plus, if I knew I could edit the files it creates to remove the commercials.
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