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I'm using the Nvidia Nforce 4 Firewall (forceware 4 chipset). It's set to Medium.

It "sees" the Tivo desktop 2.2 software (this is WinXP SP2, BTW) as wanting access, so I allow it.

It can see the two Series 2 DVRs. It can show the records on them. But when it goes to transfer the recordings, it says "transfer was interrupted".

I've added about every exception I can think of (even went so far as to add the IP address of the Tivo with TCP ports 0-65535 as ALLOWED). Still no go.

Short of disabling the firewall, it won't work.

Surely there's someone else out there with the Nvidia chipset and using the firewall.

I've checked the firewall logs and normally it (at medium level) shows the Tivo DVR as wanting "inbound" access on some random port (the source IP will show up and the TCP port will be random), coming to the pc on port 2160.
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