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Hey guys,

I tried searching for a thread for this, but most of the ones out there talk about the cable card problems.

I am on the third day with TivoHD connected to standard cable. Since from the start, it has been restarting itself out of nowhere. I came in today during lunch time and the tivo was off, but the green light kept blinking, so I unplugged and then plugged the power back up. I did the service upgrade, so hopefully this might fix this issue, although the screens are a bit slower now. In addition, when switching channels, sometimes it gets a blank screen and a message at the bottom saying searching for signal. In addition, I use the "full" aspect, but some of the channels do not get stretched and have kind of static lines at the left/right edges. Is there something I am doing wrong on my part? I plan on upgrading to digital cable, but there is no way Im going to if it cant even get the basic cable correctly. I would hate to return this TiVo that I got for under 220 ;) , but I dont want to keep having these problems. Thanks.

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