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I have a TiVo on Spectrum in NC. They stopped offering cable cards for new customers shortly after the legislation changed a year ago. They currently still support existing cable card customers but I anticipate that is going to change shortly (I have not received an email alerting me to a change). I prefer TiVo to streaming and generic DVRs offered by cable companies (TiVo is far superior) and will be sad when they drop support. I complained to the FCC but got nowhere with them.

So I will do likewise - as soon as Spectrum drops support for my TiVo, I will be changing providers and will not be sad to be rid of Spectrum. I have a few streaming packages now (not great for sports) but I will also mount an antenna and use my TiVo for OTA reception. The good news is that I will be able to upgrade to vastly superior fiber internet when we are booted from Spectrum (that fiber service lacks a cable TV offering though - TiVo is the only reason we haven't switched already).
I'm in NC on Sectrum as well. I have had a 3tb 6 tuner for +6 years, had trouble with it 3 yrs ago and Tivo replaced it, no charge yes refurb but works! I just checked my One Pass Mgr and have 135 currently scheduled to record shows..yes I'm a tv-a-holic 😁
I have returned competitor's junk dvrs even before the free promo was over. It's not Tivo!

But it's a pain to keep resetting the Tuning Adapters monthly as it disconnects 😑 and the CableCard overheats, so had to set up a small pc fan to keep the already raised Tivo cool.

With their cable and internet rates rising, one box with 3 cc still costing me @200/month, good time to say goodbye too after 19yrs!
So long Weaknees.. unless they have ota boxes 🤔😄

3 Tivo Bolts +5 years old and a Premiere that's 10
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