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Hello group,

This is my first time visiting your forum which I found doing a search for Spectrum's cable card news. I was having an issue today with my TiVo Bolt missing a few channels and called Spectrum tech support. The rep said, "you do know we are discontinuing cable cards? We sent out email notices." I told the rep I have not received an email. After rattling off a list of cities, she notified me that my market is not yet on the list for discontinuation. I am in the Tampa Bay area.

I currently have a master TiVo Bolt unit and 6 Mini/Lux units around the house. If the cable card and tuning adapter are eliminated, that really jams me up. I will have to re-imagine my entire house. I love TiVo's intuitive software, which I've used for over 20 years. I have despised other DVRs I've tried (eg. Spectrum in a temp corporate NYC apartment).

What are my options if I get the cancellation here in Florida. I currently record four news channels daily for my occupation. What about getting TV to all my other TVs in the house without having cable boxes everywhere? I hope there is a viable solution. This clearly torpedoes a large segment of TiVo's business model and leaves me with a pile of obsolete gear.

Probably DirecTV Streaming. It has a cloud DVR and unlimited clients on the same LAN. Other cloud DVRs are limited to just a couple of simultaneous streams, nowhere near the 7 you would need. Unless of course you never watch all 7 at the same time, more like 3, which Youtube TV could handle. All cloud DVR services can record an unlimited number of simultaneous programs. The upside of a streaming solution is you can watch your recordings anywhere in the country on any streaming device, phone, tablet or laptop.
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