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Tivo software update after InstantCake

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I recently had the hdd die in my series 2 Tivo and downloaded Instantcake and installed on a drive I had in an external hdd last night. I noticed the software version of the Tivo is 7.2.blah so I forced the Tivo to connect, but my software version is still the same. Will my new IC Tivo not receive software update anymore? I was under the impression that the box would function just like it use to, along with software updates. Am I stuck at 7.2 forever? :eek: :down:
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No, try connecting to the service a few more times and it should download the latest software.
Software downloads for me occurring every Tuesday night / Wednesday morning. only once per week. If that helps. remember to force a call to dvr service on Wednesday morning.
Did a restart when I got home from work yesterday, now I'm at 8.3 :)
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