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I have a TiVo Roamio Pro. I'm thinking about cancelling my Spectrum Cable service. Will I still be able to watch the hundreds of recordings I have on the TiVo or will it stop working (or annoy me to connect cable) after I cancel the cable? Seems like it should still work as long as I'm paying TiVo for service.

Without cable or any TV signal, you can still access & play previously recorded shows and open any apps on the TiVo as you did before. Live TV will just not work along with the ability to not record any new shows since there is no more TV signal.

If you still have TiVo service with an internet connection, the Guide will still show current TV listings, just none of the channels will actually be watchable.

Without TiVo Service and/or no internet, you can still access recorded shows on the TiVo. But the TV guide/listing will no longer be updated. You do not need the TiVo service to watch recorded/saved programs from the TiVo's internal hard disk. But if you want to use TiVo Mini, you have to have TiVo Service. Other than that, the TiVo service is for live TV guide/listings, know what you are watching, new/upcoming program information, suggestions, etc. Saved programs already have its program title/description/info and do not need to ping TiVo's network or the internet to know what recorded shows are titled once they are already recorded.

I personally do not see the reason to keep TiVo service (unless you need TiVo minis paired) if you do not plan on keeping Cable TV and do not need the Live TV listings anymore. However, if it's an older machine like a Premiere or below, they may not be able to reactivate it again should you choose your mind. This is something someone else needs to confirm. Roamios and above can be reactivated.
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