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Hi everyone,

My home network is still in a stage of transition until I can get the whole distributed cabling system designed and installed. I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out what I need to do to get the TiVos and server seeing each other.

Here's how it's setup now:

Cable modem feeds a Linksys RT31P2 Broadband Router with 2 Phone Ports. (This allows the RT31P2 to manage the bandwidth allocation of the phoneline directly.) A Linksys WRT54GS hooked to the RT31P2 to provide internet access for wireless devices in the house. They are connected from the WRT's WAN port to a port on the RT31P2's router.

This PC was previously connected to the WRT and all was well. However, to get a HighID with eMule, I had to connect the PC to the Telephone Adapter. The TA only supports a private network with the address of 192.168.15.XXX and the WRT is currently set for 192.168.1.XXX.

Of course, none of the TiVos can see the server. They still have internet access. I can't reach their webinterface from this computer nor can I logon to the WRT's setup pages (probably because Remote Administration is disabled).

I suspect there may be some sort of "Block anonymous internet requests" flag set in the WRT that is causing the trouble since it sees them coming from the WAN port.

Does anyone have any idea what I need to do to get everyone happy again? I could hunt and peck, but I'd really like to know what to do before I screw things up too much.

Is it an issue of setting up port forwarding or triggering or merely allowing anonymous internet requests?

Thanks in advance,
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