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TiVO Series2 Sony Won't Call - Help!

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Hi there,

I just purchased a Sony TiVO Series 2 80 gig DVR second hand. I got it home, set it up and it powered up and worked just fine. However, 30 days had elapsed since it had talked to the TiVO network so it would not record anything or show live TV. No problem, I had set up my account on TiVO and I needed to just plug it into a phone line.

No matter what I did, the unit would not call....It would say "Preparing..." and the small globe would rotate and then it would say "dialing...".....And after a few minutes, "Network (or service?) not Available" I checked the settings and everything looked fine as we don't have any call waiting and other phone extras. I even checked on an extension when it said it was "dialing"....and all I heard was dial tone.

Do you hear it dial out and connect, aka a dial-up internet modem? Is it possilbe the modem is dead? The previous owner said he never had a problem.

It won't even dial the toll-free number to get additional numbers for my area code. It won't even check the phone connection.

Any help would be appreciated. I called Sony and they wanted to walk through the settings, but since we only have one phone line, it may be difficult to re-create. Ideas, suggestions.... Or a dead modem? :confused:
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Check the Phone [and network] connections settings and make sure that it is not configured to use the network for dialing and that the dialing prefix is empty.
Aha! Dialing prefix needs to be empty! That's may explain it! Thank you Steve, I will try it when I get home!

I'm not using any network---just a phone line. I know I have a dial tone because it's not giving me the "No dial tone" message.

Keep the suggestions coming!
You may not be using a network, but it may be that the box came to you configured for that. Or the dialing prefix may have something that your phone setup doesn't like.
Hey Steve,

I tried last night with your suggestions and guess what? It dialed out, talked to the network, got updated and I'm now enjoying TiVO! It's great. So much to learn about it so I'll be sticking around. I'll still need a phone jack installed closer to get regular schedule updates but it's a relief that the modem works fine!

Thanks! :)
So there was something in the dialing prefix?

You can get wireless modem jacks that use your house's AC wiring - they work well and cost about $50. I used this when setting up TiVo at my dad's house. Be sure to get one that says it supports modems and fax machines. store.tivo.com sells them if you can't find them elsewhere (got mine at Home Depot.)
It may have been the prefix but the one thing I did different is that when I went through the Set Up Guide, I chose "Standard" phone set up instead of "Custom"....and when it started "Preparing...." and "Dialing..." I was expecting the same result as yesterday. Then I turned around and saw that it had connected, disconnected, downloading and loading!! Woo hoo!

Actually, we need a phone jack in the living room; it's the one major room that doesn't have phone access. I figured we could have a cordless phone as well as a connection to TiVO.
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