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Tivo Series 3 question

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is it normal to have the system crash at least once a week? We've had this a few months and it seems to lock up at least that often. Is everyone experiencing this or do I have impending hardware failure?
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I wouldn't say it's normal. I've had mine for over a year and it has never locked up.
I agree, not normal

I have had my T3 for over 1 year as well and never had a lockup
No lockups or crashes here, and I've had mine since the very beginning.
My S3 started locking up a few weeks ago, it got worse & worse until it was locked. I called CS they sent a new unit next day air- It will end up costing me $49 as it was still covered under the year warranty but there was no shipping charge.
Okay, thanks for the info.

Alyssa, did you have any trouble transferring your cable cards to the new unit? Was the assistance of the cable company required? I ask because my company is unreliable, so I want to know how much overhead I should expect here.
you'll have to get the old cards paired to the new box... it will require a minimum a call to the cable co, and possibly a truck roll - just depends on the carrier.

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