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cr33p said:
Im in Ann Arbor MI with Comcast running a TivoHD with a Motorola M card. I can not get sound on ESPN HD or TNT HD, I can select the alternate audio and still do not recieve sound. I also went in to the settings and changed from Dolby Digital to the Dolby Digital to Pcm and still can not recieve any audio on these channels. Any ideas? Is this my cable CO fault or the cable cards?

Another weird thing is sometimes on my Discovery Theatre HD channel the audio is lagging behind the video feed. Thanks
I have similar symptoms which seem to be temporarily fixable with a system restart. Things now "sort of" work, but there's still a problem (Series 3, Motorola CableCARDs).

Check the CableCARD settings; yesterday the settings got messed up somehow, and after a call with TiVo and then my cable company (RCN) they were unable to reset the CableCARD. It appears they have to send a technician out. I am worried that there's something wrong with the TiVo's relationship with the CableCARDs.

The sign something is wrong is if the CableCARD Pairing menu says you need to call the cable provider to activate.
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