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Tivo Series 3 DVR expander problem

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my external drive went out last night and to gain control I had to give it 3 thumbs
and hit the clear. which erased everything .. but gave me back my control. so I went out and bought the Tivo verified 1tb drive and pluged it in and restarted Tivo..
sata cables are fine but I can't get it to see the new drive. I called Tivo they first said the Western Drive was bad.. then they said for $149.. we'll fix it.

comeon.......... in the old days we gave it a kick start 62 but this new software won't take that..I don't think..

Help !!!! :(:(:(:(:(

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possible... not sure, how do I remarry them

I decided to put back a unverified drive like the one that was there..but the tivo won't see it. I tried the 57 code but no success. will 62 work with this version 11.xxx software.
does anybody know the code to re-establish or marry a unverified ext. drive to the latest version software 11. xxx to a Series 3... I have been unable to get the box to see it, and mount it. Does code 54 for dianogistics for the overnight

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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