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TiVo Series 3: Comcast HD Channels Gone

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So my HD channels have traditionally been in the 700's. I have some in the 1100's as well. Just this week, I can no longer view HD channels in the 700's (on both TiVo's). I do see the 1100's and the SD channels. Comcast did not make me aware of any programming/channel lineup changes and they could not successfully ping my TiVo box from their office.

When I tuned to one of these 700 channels, I get "Channel not available".

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I just searched Comcast's site for the channel lineup and it appears they have moved all HD channel's to the 1000's. Sorry for the post but I'll leave this up in case anyone has the same "problem".

Real nice that Comcast didn't even now this when I called. They set a tech call up and had planned on sending someone out. Nice.
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