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My Series 3 TiVo failed this past week too with fan noise that had been occurring for a few weeks.

The system was completely dead, after going into a reboot loop. I feared the hard drive had failed. Following removing the top cover and plugging in, I could hear the tic tic tic noise from the power supply and I found that there were 4 defective capacitors on the Power Supply board plus I figured that the bearings in the fan were defective also. I purchased a new fan from local (and on-line www.frozencpu.com) company, part number 'Everflow, 127025DL'. I also replaced the following capacitors on the Power Supply board with NTE parts. C401 & C402 replaced with 2200uF 16V,
C601 replaced with 2200uF 16V,and C701 replaced with 2200uF 25V.

When the TiVo was reassembled it powered up and all the TiVo functions ran correctly and even seemed faster to me. The FAN was not running. Testing indicated that the controlling circuitry on the control board only sourced ~3V to the fan with the system temperature up to 59C degrees with cover half off. I decided to wire the fan to the 7V power supply output minimizing fan noise and testing finding the nominal system temperature around 38C and no system problems. This fan running at constant speed is a tad louder but I will deal with it to keep the unit running and healthy as I have lifetime on this system and grandfathered into the $6.95 MSD on my other S3.

It really shocks me that a bunch of us are having these go all at the same time. I purchased this S3 immediately upon release after being in the beta testing of the unit.
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