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I managed to fix my broken NZ Series 3 Tivo for the cost of 3 2200uF capacitors (NZ$2.40).

My Tivo was stuck in the 'powering up' boot screen and getting nowwhere. Fortunately I could buy a new one for only NZ$200 but still wanted to try and fix the old one.

Opened the case, and verified HDD was OK -- and heard the tick-tick noise from the power supply proving that was the problem.

Simple job to identify and replace the 3 2200uF/10V capacitors with 2200uF/16V ones -- had this not worked I'd have replaces the 47uF/50V ones as well.

However, simple replace of these 3 fixed everything! $200 value for $2.40.
Thanks to all who posted. :D

(For the benefit of Googlers: New Zealand TiVo repair power supply boot problem)
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