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jfh3 said:
Best Buy is almost never moves their pricing from MSRP. It's rare I see something a BB that is cheaper than CC.
True true. Best Buy has changed in the past year or two... they almost never have the "best" price up front. However, I've never had an issue getting a pricematch there. They have really lightened up on the price matching (in my opinion) compared to the grilling they used to do.

One option is to buy the unit from Best Buy at $799, then go to the returns desk and pricematch to Circuit City at $599. You should get a refund of $200 PLUS a refund of 10% of the difference ($220 total).

If you just pricematch when you buy the item, you'll only get the pricematch and not the bonus 10% of the difference.

Edit: Oh, and be sure to bring a printout of the sale price from Circuit City if it isn't in a local ad.
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