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TiVo Series 2 with FiOS?

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Have been using DirecTV Series 2 receivers for my DirecTV satellite service. Want to switch to FiOS. I am reading that I can use the same Series 2 receivers for the FiOS service but I will only be able to use single tuner functionality. Is this correct? The same Phillips or Hughes Series 2 receiver that I used for DirecTV can be used for the new FiOS service? If so, do I need to use them in connection with the Set Top Boxes that Verizon rents you? :confused:
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No cablecard, no service.
Can my DirecTV Series 2 receiver accomodate a cable card?
Can my DirecTV Series 2 receiver accomodate a cable card?
I don't think so.

I think you could do it if you had the TiVo hooked up to the STB that FIOS offers (not really sure though), but really, if you are going to do that, you might as well use either the FIOS DVR, or upgrade to a TiVo HD/Premiere. Then you get those wonderful FIOS HD channels in full HD with no quality loss (and you can use two tuners).
"Standalone" Series 2 units can be used with an external cable box. "DirecTiVos", which it sounds like the OP has, will not work with anything but DirecTV (and OTA, in the case of the HR10-250 only).

If your line goes from the dish (or multiswitch) straight into the TiVo, with no external DirecTV receiver, then you have a DirecTiVo.
Philips and Hughes never made Series 2 Standalones, only DirecTV Tivos. Philips only made Standalones in Series 1.

You need a Standlone to use with FIOS
I tried using a standalone S2 with a FIOS box. The FIOS box would lock up or otherwise become unresponsive to the Tivo controlling it. Not a good thing. I bit the bullet and bought a refurb TivoHD for it instead. It's worked great since. The only thing I don't get with the Tivo is Verizon video on demand (which I never used anyway). Otherwise it's all good. Just a TivoHD (or a premiere) and a single M-type cable card. The single M-card accommodates both tuners inside the Tivo.

Also note a TivoHD can down-convert HD stations for display on a non-HD television. I've got a 32" TV in the bedroom hooked up this way (using s-video). You can choose (on the fly) either zoomed or letterboxed display of the HD programs. Works great.
I have been using 3 SD Motorola boxes with Series 2 boxes for over 2 years without any major issues; only an occasional missed channel change. I used to use Serial but lost that ability a year ago and now I am back to IR.

My Premier is another animal and works great with a CC.
I use my Humax Series 2 connected to a Fios HD box. It works great and I can even watch HD channels.

Maybe it's just a fluke, but other than not having a DT, I'm happy.
It is not a fluke with a Humax TiVo, all which are Standalone, and work fine with almost any ordinary pay TV service box.
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