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TiVo Series 2, new DirectTV receiver, no IR

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I just had a new DirecTV receiver installed today to work with my Series2 TiVo. Until today, the TiVo was working fine with the DirecTV HD Receiver that I had before.

I ran through the setup and TiVo is not changing the channel of the receiver.

I'm using both IR transmitters. The DirecTV remote works on the receiver, so I know its not an issue with the receiver IR being broken.

I can't figure it out. Can anyone shed some light?
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Any help here?

This is not a DirecTiVo system, just the DirecTV receiver and I'm trying to use the IR blasters from my TiVo to change the cable box's channels.

It worked the day before with a DirecTV HD receiver.

Scroll down to bottom of the first post in the thread.

You may have to rerun guided setup to enter in the correct code.

Edit: You didn't give the model number of the DirecTV box.
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