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Tivo Series 2-Kickstart? (please help!)

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Hi, I've owned my "Tivo Series 2" since 2002 with no problems. A couple days ago, the video froze (on a TV program I had recorded) and I had to reboot (unplugged & plugged back in).

Unfortunately, after the reboot, the screen was frozen on the menu screen & the remote control was not responsive. Then after about 30 seconds, the system crashes and reboots on it's own. It goes through the basic reboot on it's own: "Welcome Powering On"..."Almost There"..Tivo Logo & Jingle..but then the menu screen freezes again..and system crashes again (continually).

WHAT TO DO? I've ordered a new "Tivo Premiere" but really need to get the "Tivo Series 2" working in the next couple days to record the royal wedding! :) Can anyone advise HOW TO KICKSTART maybe? (Which code to use? "Pause 57"? "Pause 54?") I'd appreciate any help. Thanks. P.S. I have lifetime service and have been using a phone line.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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