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tivo series 2 + hdtv

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Okay, so I have a standard series 2 tivo box and a 42 inch Insignia plasma 720p hdtv. My question is this. Is there any possible way to improve the image of recorded shows in standard definition. I'm well aware there's hd tivo now. I'm not spending 700 dollars plus for it. I'm also aware that it's impossible to record any of my hd channels(local only) in hd on my tivo. I'm just wondering if there's any possible configuration I could muster that could make it look at least decent. Last night I was watching my recording of Damages and it was almost unwatchable the image was so bad. Anyone else have this particular setup and know a decent way to improve the quality that won't set me back $100.00 plus?
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You don't need to pay $700+ for HD TiVo. They are $235 at Amazon.com.

You can't make crappy video look better than it is.
First, make sure you are recording at the best quality. Second, turn down the sharpness on the television. The farther down you can go, the less pixelated the image will be. Beyond that, there is not a lot that you can do. i have a S2 and a S3 connected to a 42 inch Panasonic 1080p plasma, and the first time you connect a S2 it is a little shocking, but adjusting the sharpness helps out a bit. My previous HDTV was a 32 inch Mangnavox LCD, and that had horrendous SD picture quality. The Panasonic is quite good with SD, so it was an improvement, but the sharpness is still way down.

Without spending a ton, you can get a TivoHD (between 250 and 300) and you will be able to record HD. The tuner is also better, so SD cable looks much better side by side also. You could also move the S2 to another room, say a bedroom and get a multi-service discount and pay around 7 a month for the TivoHD service.
Thanks. I did just see an ad for the hd tivo box being only around 230. Now does this mean it will replace an hdbox that I would have to get from my cable provider?
Yes, the TiVoHD replaces the box from the provider, but you will need a Cablcard or two to get the digital channels mapped and decrypted though.
I heard it can be a real pain with the cable cards and the whole setup. I may in fact just go with my cable provider's hd/dvr box combo in the near future.
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