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don _juannel said:
Aug.25 my two tivos both quit downloading also.I belive tivo has done something ilegal.-Don
Let's examine this further;

Tivo: Work's it's butt off to make customers happy. Supportive of hackers and will actually respond personally to emails. Takes a loss for a decade trying to make this concept work (congrats on Q1 '07!!), and still keeps plugging.

Cable/Telco: Known for don't give a s**t attitude and really could care less if you get ticked off and leave. Makes you wait days for a technician to come out and tell you it's their problem back at the office. Makes you stay home and then skips the appt w/o notice.

Yep, you're probably right. This must be a Tivo conspiracy to get you to upgrade so they can take *another* loss on selling you a new box.
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